Featuring a narrow 43 mm nut and low profile neck for little hands, The Toddler model is designed for children from the ages of 3 to 6. This is the age group where kids are beginning to identify with a particular instrument. This guitar is designed specifically for children to be able to start playing properly from an early age, graduating to half and three-quarter sized student models as they progress before moving on to full-sized guitars once they have reached their mature physical stature.

Children who wish to play the guitar are sometimes given a ukulele due to their inexpensive nature. Kids find it very difficult to graft from a uke to a guitar due to differences in the number of strings (four for a ukulele, six for a guitar) and in the way that the instruments are tuned (ukes have a completely different relative tuning of their strings, compared to a guitar).

By getting the little ones onto a six-stringed guitar early in life they have the potential to develop an uninterrupted and exponential musical trajectory, making those initial formative years of musical development count strongly when they are sometimes lost. It is these years where a child is most receptive and learns very quickly, compared to picking up an instrument as a mature adult. This is particularly true with the development of our musical ‘ear’.